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All About Golden Memories!

What Is Golden Memories?

Golden Memories is an interview style film centered around telling your family's story. Inspired after creating a similar film for Aaron's grandparents in 2016, we understand the value of being able to see and hear a loved one on film after they are no longer with us. Because of this film, we are able to show our future children and grandchildren who Aaron's grandfather really was and that is such a blessing to our family.

Golden Memories was launched so that other families could be blessed in this way. Pictures hold memories frozen in time, but there is something irreplaceable about hearing a loved ones laugh and watching their face light up as they relive their life stories and legacy on film. Golden Memories is our labor of love and we are so excited to share it with you.

How It Works

Step 1: Contact us through our website, social media or email to set up your phone consultation!

Step 2: Short introductory call to answer questions, get to know you and prepare you for the interview day!

Step 3: Reserve your interview date!

Step 4: Leave the rest to us! We design our sessions to feel conversational, fun and stress-free.

Step 5: After filming, we work diligently to have your film back to you within 1-2 months.

Make It Your Own

~Customize your Golden Memories experience by filling out our brief questionnaire to help shape your interview questions.

~Send us your family photos to include in your film and end of film slideshow.

~Enjoy our behind the scenes b-roll of your loved ones in their home for the fishing touch!

Until next time,


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