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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Film Experience!

1) Choose the Videographer that Fits Your Vision

Pay attention to the style of the films a videographer makes, and the testimonials of their past couples. What you see on their website and social media is what you get! Remember: you get what you pay for, so prioritize your film in your wedding budget.

2) Prepare Your Toast Givers

Reach out to those special people a couple months before the wedding and gently remind them the importance of preparing. Nerves can get the best of them when wining it, so being prepared with a written speech allows them to say everything they want during this special time.

3) Add a Special Touch by Telling Your Story

Share your unique love story and make your wedding film completely your own by writing your own vows or exchanging letters! There's nothing quite like hearing your partner speak straight from their heart and to be able o relive that amazing moment for years to come!

4) Enjoy Each Moment as it Comes

Tight timelines, over-thinking and worrying can really take a toll on you on a day that is already jam-packed. You don't want to watch your wedding film and think, "Wow, I look stressed!" You want all of the excitement and happiness to come back every time you press play. Focus on relaxing and being present.

5) Be Open Minded

Trust the expertise and advice of the team you hired. Some prompts may seem silly, but videographers have an eye for movement that looks amazing on film! If you keep an open mind and allow their creative energy to flow, you'll get the gorgeous film that inspired you to hire your videographer in the first place!

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